Activision Releases Strange Video Showing Warzone Cheater Getting Banned

Cheat­ing in Call of Duty: War­zone has been an issue for quite some time (and con­tin­ues to be), and now Activi­sion has released anoth­er anti-cheat­ing PSA to dis­cour­age this behav­ior. A video was post­ed to the offi­cial Call of Duty Twit­ter account shows what it claims is a real reac­tion of a play­er who a hard­ware and pro­file ban, lock­ing him out the game on all avail­able platforms–for cheating.

The video demon­strates that Activi­sion will no longer tol­er­ate cheat­ing in War­zone and will be emphat­i­cal­ly ban play­ers going for­ward. Just recent­ly, the com­pa­ny banned anoth­er 100,000 accounts from the game.

We know what you’re doing,” Activi­sion said. “We’re com­ing for you.” An omi­nous warning.

In the video, the banned play­er can be seen show­ing all their accounts, across all platforms–even ones they nev­er played on–were banned. It’s meant to show oth­ers the real­i­ty of what will hap­pen if you cheat in the game and get caught.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Activi­sion. Bii­i­i­ig con­grat­u­la­tions. You guys final­ly got your sh** togeth­er and you final­ly have banned accounts. So I appre­ci­ate you doing that. I’m actu­al­ly hap­py right now. You guys took mat­ters into your own hands and fixed it so now con­tent cre­ators are com­ing back to the game,” the banned play­er can be heard say­ing in the video.

Activi­sion’s efforts to elim­i­nate cheaters is a con­tin­u­ous fight. When the new War­zone map launch­es lat­er this year, it will include a new anti-cheat sys­tem to help with this ongo­ing chal­lenge. Activi­sion has­n’t announced specifics on the system.

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