Activi­sion has report­ed a new set of finan­cial earn­ings for the July — Sep­tem­ber peri­od, and it was quite a doozy for the big pub­lish­er. One sec­tion of the report, “in-game net book­ings,” did par­tic­u­lar­ly well. Of course, this is just the fan­cy term for micro trans­ac­tions, which Activi­sion made a whop­ping $1.2 bil­lion off of over the last three months.

This is a 69% increase over the same peri­od last year, when Activi­sion only made $709 mil­lion from the in-game net bookings.

Micro­trans­ac­tions are big busi­ness for Activi­sion. Over the last finan­cial peri­od, Activi­sion made $1.95 bil­lion in total rev­enue, so the mon­ey earned through micro­tran­sc­tions alone is more than half of what the com­pa­ny profited.

Micro­trans­ac­tions sales from Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare and War­zone were four times high­er than the same peri­od last year. How­ev­er, with the pan­dem­ic, there are more peo­ple stay­ing home and play­ing games. 

Addi­tion­al­ly, Activi­sion stat­ed that Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare’s first-year sales are the high­est in Call of Duty fran­chise his­to­ry.