A Sizable Patch Was Released For Borderlands 3 Today

Gear­box released a hefty patch for Bor­der­lands 3, with new con­tent, gen­er­al fix­es, weapon adjust­ments and more. There’s also sev­er­al changes to May­hem Mod­e’s dam­age scal­ing, enabled loot spawns for May­hem gear and bug fix­es, among oth­er adjustments.

Some of these alter­ations are for the Boun­ty of Blood DLC, which was released today. It’s a paid DLC, but Gear­box did increase the lev­el cap for Vault Hunters to 60 for free. You can check out all the changes in today’s patch, below:

New Content

Due to com­pli­ca­tions relat­ed to the ongo­ing COVID-19 pan­dem­ic, only Eng­lish and Ger­man voice-overs will be avail­able at launch for Bor­der­lands 3’s third cam­paign add-on Boun­ty of Blood. Local­ized sub­ti­tles for all sup­port­ed lan­guages will be avail­able at launch, and local­ized voice-overs will be added at a lat­er date.

  • Increased the lev­el cap by 3 to 60
  • Added 3 New Guardian Rank skills and Guardian Rank Increase

- Ground­break­er: Melee or Slam attacks will trig­ger an After­shock, deal­ing 25% of all non-melee dam­age you have dealt over the last 5 sec­onds
- Dead Man Walk­ing: While not mov­ing in Fight for Your Life, your meter drains 50% more slow­ly.
- Lead or Alive: When you enter Fight for Your Life all your guns are auto­mat­i­cal­ly reloaded


  • Addressed a report­ed crash that could some­times occur dur­ing the mis­sion “The Fam­i­ly Jew­el” in Flood­moor Basin
  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern where the game could become unre­spon­sive after alt-tab­bing out on PC
  • Addressed a report­ed crash that could some­times occur when the host backed out to the Main Menu

Mayhem Mode

  • Added May­hem Lev­el dam­age scal­ing to melee, slide and slam
  • Added May­hem Lev­el skill dam­age scaling
  • Added May­hem Lev­el pet dam­age scaling
  • Added May­hem Lev­el vehi­cle dam­age scaling
  • Updat­ed sev­er­al pas­sive skills to prop­er­ly respect May­hem Lev­el damage

The dam­age sources above now scale their dam­age accord­ing to the lev­el of May­hem you are in. Each type of dam­age is scaled unique­ly to account for how dif­fer­ent skills and gear inter­act with the dif­fer­ent types of dam­age.  This is sig­nif­i­cant change and we will be mon­i­tor­ing the community’s feed­back intent­ly and adjust gear, skills, or dam­age scal­ing to ensure that build diver­si­ty flour­ish­es. To accom­mo­date this scal­ing, a few pas­sive skills were updat­ed to use a new form of dam­age that pre­vents them from scal­ing inappropriately.

  • Added skill dam­age as a rol­lable stat on Class Mods

Class Mods now can roll addi­tion­al Bonus Skill Dam­age.  When paired with the base May­hem Lev­el skill dam­age scal­ing, we antic­i­pate builds cen­tered on skills to become viable in late Mayhem.

  • Added May­hem Lev­els to Grenade Mods

Grenade Mods drop as weapons do in May­hem, with addi­tion­al dam­age rel­a­tive to the May­hem Lev­el it was acquired in.

  • Enabled all sources of loot to spawn May­hem Gear

May­hem Gear can now be acquired from all sources of loot in the game.  Vend­ing machines, chests, mail, mis­sion rewards, and Loot ene­mies all have a chance to award May­hem Lev­el weapons and grenades.

  • Changed dam­age source for Rem­nant, Short Fuse, Indis­crim­i­nate, Do Unto Oth­ers, and Ties That Bind to address that they “dou­ble dip” and scale inap­pro­pri­ate­ly at high­er May­hem levels

As a result of this change, play­ers will notice that Ties That Bind will not scale prop­er­ly with Action Skill dam­age. This is a tem­po­rary fix that will be addressed in a future update.

  • Vehi­cles now scale dam­age uni­form­ly instead of just against non-vehicles
  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern where splitscreen play­ers could some­times not scroll through the May­hem 2.0 mod­i­fi­er list
  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern where May­hem Mod­i­fi­er Drone Ranger Heal­ing Drones some­times did not repli­cate posi­tion smooth­ly for clients
  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern where the teth­er from the Bound­ary Issues May­hem mod­i­fi­er would some­times per­sist after ene­mies died
  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern where the May­hem vehi­cle dam­age scalars some­times did not apply when play­ers were in gun­ner seats
  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern where the Laser Fare May­hem mod­i­fi­er would some­times gen­er­ate new laser beams when it took damage
  • Added the abil­i­ty for Dig­i­Clone and Iron Bear to sup­port dam­age scaling


  • Addressed a report­ed con­cern an issue where vehi­cle health would some­times be cut off
  • Nativized Hot­fix­es
  • Melee and Action Skill dam­age fur­ther increased

Weapon Adjustments

We are look­ing at adjust­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers and weapon types across the board to bring greater par­i­ty at the base lev­el between weapons. We are still mon­i­tor­ing bal­ance between Leg­endary gear but want­ed to first address groups of weapons to increase oppor­tu­ni­ties for weapon builds.

All pis­tols will see a slight increase with JAKOBS pis­tols receiv­ing the small­est bump and MALIWAN pis­tols receiv­ing the largest. As ene­my health pools increased, low mag size weapons like pis­tols became less pop­u­lar. The dam­age increase across all pis­tols should pro­vide more oppor­tu­ni­ties for builds to equip a pis­tol to accom­mo­date their oth­er weapon choices.

We also increased dam­age of all TEDIORE SMG weapons because we believed the dam­age from the thrown weapon explo­sion would be an inte­gral part of the loop. How­ev­er, throw­ing the weapon was imprac­ti­cal com­pared to shoot­ing ene­mies with oth­er SMGs. Now the trade-off to throw­ing at full mag­a­zine ver­sus shoot­ing will be more dramatic.

COV, DAHL, and JAKOBS Assault Rifles were increased to match some of the VLADOF Assault Rifles. We will eval­u­ate VLADOF Assault Rifles in total­i­ty after play­ers try the changes to the oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers first.

Final­ly, we increased the dam­age of our tra­di­tion­al mul­ti-pel­let shot­guns. HYPERION, MALIWAN, and JAKOBS all received a dam­age increase. Some of these shot­guns were under­per­form­ing com­pared to fast-fir­ing weapons so now they will pack a greater punch.

  • Increased pis­tol dam­age across all manufacturers
  • Increased dam­age on Tediore SMGs
  • Increased dam­age on COV, Dahl, and Jakobs Assault Rifles
  • Increased dam­age on Hype­r­i­on, Mali­wan, and Jakobs shotguns

Bounty Of Blood Hotfixes

These hot­fix­es are relat­ed specif­i­cal­ly to the Boun­ty of Blood cam­paign add-on. To receive the changes and avoid see­ing any of these issues arise, make sure that you have your hot­fix­es applied at the main menu.

  • Removed two strag­gler towns­folk that were clap­ping their hands at the wrong time
  • Addressed a poten­tial pro­gres­sion block­er where FL4K the Beast­mas­ter was some­times unable to grab an impor­tant ledge
  • Stopped Juno from some­times get­ting stuck on a walkway
  • Addressed instances where cash reg­is­ters would some­times float

Source: Gear­box

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