An upgrad­ed Nin­ten­do Switch mod­el fea­tur­ing an OLED dis­play from Sam­sung, as well as 4K res­o­lu­tion when docked, and is report­ed­ly sup­posed to be revealed lat­er this year. This mod­el’s screens (a new sev­en-inch­es), accord­ing to Bloomberg, will be mass pro­duced by Sam­sung “as ear­ly as June.” In hand­held mode, it’s res­o­lu­tion will obvi­ous­ly not be in 4K

Instead, the OLED dis­play will out­put a 720p res­o­lu­tion, again, accord­ing to Bloomberg — which cites peo­ple famil­iar with these plans. Nin­ten­do has every rea­son to want to con­tin­ue to pur­sue work­ing on the Switch as it, and its soft­ware, are major com­peti­tors against Xbox and PlayStation.

Numer­ous reports of a more pow­er­ful Switch have have been buzzing about for quite some time. In Jan­u­ary, a dat­a­min­er not­ed that a firmware update issued by Nin­ten­do ref­er­enced an upgrad­ed Switch con­sole code­named Aula. In fact, most of what the dat­a­min­er had stat­ed was also men­tioned in the Bloomberg report. It’s look­ing more and more like­ly that upgrad­ed Nin­ten­do Switch is in our future. 

The Switch is a smash­ing suc­cess for Nin­ten­do, with sales of the handheld/home con­sole near­ing 80 mil­lion. Its pre­de­ces­sor, the Wii U, only man­aged a lit­tle over 13.5 mil­lion in its life­time. In fact, the Switch has been doing so well, it has a run­ning chance at tak­ing on the orig­i­nal Wii sales of 101 mil­lion units.