A Call of Duty: Warzone Glitch Allows Spectators To Join Other Player’s Gulags

The Gulag in Call o Duty: War­zone is typ­i­cal­ly a place where dead play­ers may get a sec­ond chance to com­pete for the top by win­ning a one-on-one. How­ev­er, a new glitch is allow­ing gulag spec­ta­tors to join in.

This glitch was dis­cov­ered by YouTu­ber NTrip­py, who showed that spec­ta­tors in War­zone’s gulag can para­chute into playable area of the 1v1 are­na. Obvi­ous­ly, this caus­es com­mo­tion for the two play­ers try­ing to duke it out for the chance to respawn.

In Ntrip­py’s video, these play­ers some­how para­chute from the wait­ing area above the gulag, join­ing the are­na below, way before their actu­al turn. What’s even more frus­trat­ing, these play­ers can’t be killed by those spawn­ing into the are­na. NTrip­py was able to punch and throw rocks, even­tu­al­ly punch­ing one of the play­ers to death. 

It’s unlike­ly either of the com­pet­ing play­ers made it back to Ver­dan­sk, since NTrip­py did man­age to steal the win. How­ev­er, he was then loaded right back into the gulag for his own match. The video was end­ed with NTrip­py say­ing, “This is too dan­ger­ous. I got­ta make sure the devs know about this so they can fix it.”

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