A YouTu­ber has done an extreme­ly odd exper­i­ment in Call of Duty: War­zone. So what hap­pens dur­ing a match of War­zone when you call in 100 load­outs drops at the same time? Well, it looks like that game does­n’t seem to like it too much.

Load­out drops are large crates that fall from sky in War­zone, con­tain­ing pre-made weapon load­outs. They spawn ran­dom­ly or can be called in by play­ers who pur­chase them from a buy sta­tion. It’s unclear how long it took for these folks at YouTube chan­nel DefendThe­House to get 100 play­ers to get enough mon­ey to buy a load­out drop, but it must have been an insane amount of time.

The end result was a mas­sive pile of crates. Of course, after each crate had land­ed play­ers began call­ing in airstrikes and blow­ing holes into each other.

While the peo­ple film­ing clear­ly thought drop­ping 100 load­out crates was a good time, the game did­n’t seem to think so. Once they all hit the ground, some of the crates start­ed to flash in and out of exis­tence, which proves the game can’t real­ly han­dle that many drops.

The video from DefendThe­House is the lat­est in its Call of Duty: War­zone Myth­busters series. Among oth­er myths test­ed were whether you could destroy an attack heli­copter using only bal­lis­tic knives or if a tro­phy sys­tem could destroy a drop marker.